Digital has become a foundational requirement for virtually every business. Still, many business leaders look to capitalize on digital opportunities only when a specific need arises—without an overarching vision and plan. As a result, corporate digital programs frequently experience friction with enterprise-level strategic alignment. Focusing on devices and a few priority digital applications is not enough. Without planning for a long-term digital transformation, too little thought is given to how digital can enable or enhance significant business capabilities and objectives.

We offer complete end-to-end marketing solutions from creative design to digital production. We provided e-commerce development that has enabled the world’s leading brands to delight their customers. It drove superior marketing performance across full multichannel customer experience.

Our Digital Services

At CBT, we believe comprehensive planning is imperative to ensuring that digital delivers maximum value as a strategic tool for the enterprise. A solid enterprise digital strategy should include both long-term and immediate benefits that support your organization’s objectives. It should speak to the way your employees conduct business, the way they would like to interact with each other, and how your company delivers services and products to its customers.

CBT can help develop a strategic foundation that will inform the digital policy, application portfolio, devices and infrastructure required to realize your business objectives. We can devise a digital strategy that will:

  • Be aligned at the enterprise level in its direction and strategic intents, with a roadmap of the initiatives required to meet defined and measurable goals.

  • Provide strategic direction for IT in architectural, developmental, deployment and support decisions.

The primary components and features we deliver within a digital strategy include:

Executive-level Digital Strategy – We define your digital strategy in alignment with the enterprise mission, vision, goals and strategic initiatives. We will further assist in evangelizing the digital strategy to ensure top-down alignment and buy-in. This digital strategy becomes a powerful guidepost for digital governance and execution across the organization.

Business Capability Enablement – Whether you want to build mobile applications, drive revenue through ecommerce, or harness new and emerging technologies, we clarify the digital channel development goals by crafting and executing from a digital capability roadmap. Using the digital strategy as the compass, we build a roadmap that is actionable, measurable and tailored to your business needs. Our capability enablement approach benefits the enterprise by:

  • Providing a comprehensive applications roadmap that demonstrates how digital will be used to “move the needle” in critical measures, on a defined timeline.

  • Identifying business results and a plan of action to achieve them, as well as supporting technology roadmaps.

  • Focusing scarce resources on high-value results rather than activities.


From creating social media strategy to designing and executing email campaigns, CBT has helped clients build streamlined digital marketing capabilities that maximize customer outreach and conversion. We take a pragmatic, incremental approach to business intelligence and analytics that provide the timely insight to make more effective decisions, take more informed action, and improve business outcomes. Our expertise spans from BI strategy to infrastructure design and execution for companies of all sizes and industries.


We take a 360° view of web content management systems (for external-facing functions) and enterprise content management systems (for internal operations) in order to choose the right content management system and organize content for gains in operational efficiency, collaboration, system performance and security.


We work with clients to create dynamic strategies and rapidly implement ecommerce solutions. We recognize our clients’ business and technology environments will play a significant role in how the solution is designed, developed, and implemented. In the end, our goal is to maximize the value of an ecommerce investment.

Many of our clients see opportunity to leverage best practices, proven frameworks, and repeatable processes to improve their customers’ experience and their own technology environment. Most consumers rightly expect a consistent and relevant experience across online, mobile, and in-store platforms. Using a collaborative but rapid development approach, we help our clients continuously improve and streamline their ecommerce technology and operations to ensure peak performance and optimize revenue opportunities.


Mobile Service Offering

CBT’s team of mobile experts – backed by our crowdsourcing community – delivers a complete mobile lifecycle solution, including Mobile Strategy, UX Design, Mobile Development across multiple platforms and technologies, and Mobile Application Support.

Mobile & UX Strategy

  • Mobile Readiness Assessment

  • Mobile Opportunity Assessment and Roadmap

  • Mobile Center of Excellence

UX Design Wireframes

  • Mockups / Design Concepts

  • Production Designs

  • Prototype

Mobile App Development

  • Native Apps

  • Hybrid Apps

  • Responsive Web Apps

  • Salesforce1

  • Heroku / Heroku Connect

Mobile App Support

  • Bug Fixes & Light Enhancements

  • Monthly Reviews

  • Scheduled Releases

  • App Support


We can deliver insight-driven outcomes at scale to help you improve performance. Our extensive capabilities range from accessing and reporting on big data to forecasting and sophisticated statistical analysis.


We help our clients gain competitive advantage by transforming raw data into insights that enable actionable decision-making. Our business driven approach helps clients attack their market, increase customer engagement and grow revenue profitably.

For example, imagine providing your colleagues with insights and prescriptive analytics that drive actionable recommendations to drive profitable revenue growth. Or, consider being able to visually tell a story with your data (e.g., geospatial, performance heat map, etc.) and managing your business at-a-glance. Business Intelligence is no longer simply reports and dashboards, it is a strategic asset and that can help you monetize data by creating new and supplemental revenue streams.

We collaborate with leaders to modernize their data architecture and technical landscape while driving adoption and long-term success. Our team of data scientists, machine learning experts and business strategists are ready to roll up sleeves and help.

​​​​​​​CBT Analytics Services Provide:

  • Information And Advanced Analytics Strategy

  • Information Management

  • Business Function

  • Solutions For Industry

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