Coastal Business Technologies believes strongly in supporting our community and improving government voting practices.

Our philosophy is to inspire you as we work together. We will work with you to find the customized cause to be the right fit for your company. This important community and humanitarian involvement can also help strengthen your business. Customers and clients doing business with you will understand that you care and “give back,” knowing you are involved with causes that benefit your community and others.

Our cause is to improve our voting and election system, which is very challenged at this time. We have worked for years to develop a sophisticated voting technology to simplify and greatly improve the process.

We call it Voter Checklist.  Voter CheckList™ is an innovative, secure electronic pollbook that can be used for your Town's Referendums, Municipal Elections, State Primaries, State Elections and Presidential Elections. Our purpose is to promote security by safely insuring there are no costly incorrect errors.

Voter CheckList™ has the following features:

  • Loads State of Connecticut ConnVERse Data, Absentee Voting, In-Person Voting, Offline Reporting, Robust Online Reporting and Detailed Audit-Level Logging.

  • For Polling Locations with an active internet connection, reports are securely updated in "real-time" and access can be given to your election officials and candidates looking for the latest status.

  • Store multiple voting events; each event has a date and vote type (Referendum, Municipal Election, State Primary, Federal Election, etc).

  • Export "Who Voted" data for automated recording into the State of Connecticut Election System.**

  • Voting day reports (hourly report, who voted, who didn't vote, full voter list, district list) are available online in an easy to read/print format. **

  • Online reports for each vote can also be made accessible to candidates, etc. with their own username/passwords so they can access "real-time" data without having to come to the polling location**.

  • Excel Reports for the Full Voter, Who Voted and Who Did Not Vote Reports.

** Requires an active software subscription.

An internet connection is required for initial software activation and every 60 days for licensing updates. A connection is also required to generate secure online reports for your remote candidates' and their staff.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 support. (No Atom processors)

  • 2GB memory or higher is required (4GB is recommended).

  • A flash drive (at least 1 GB) for each computer being used is required for real-time backups.

Visit us at www.voterchecklist.co for details and pricing.