Cloud computing has transformed the business landscape with a much greater impact than most previous technological revolutions.

The cloud delivers increased agility, elasticity, redundancy and lower operating costs to businesses that know how to harness its power. However, these benefits – and the increasing adoption of cloud computing – have attracted major hardware, telecoms, and service providers to develop similar competing cloud products and services, which make it very difficult for most companies to evaluate and select the best solution.

In addition, a move to the cloud is not the same as a migration to a colocation facility or a simple undertaking. A hybrid combination – integrating legacy systems and applications supplemented by cloud resources – can result in significant savings, but it’s sure to bring about operational complexity and compatibility challenges.

CBT can help IT departments and companies evaluate, design and select the best cloud service provider (SP) or cloud solution for their specific business applications. CBT can also help test, implement, integrate or operate any cloud configuration: IaaS, SaaS or PaaS.

CBT’s Cloud Service offerings include

Cloud Selection and Cloud Broker Services

  • Development of Cloud Strategy and business goals

  • Cloud Service Provider (SP) evaluation, selection and testing

  • “Cloud Broker Services” – representation and certifications from the leading SPs including: Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Google and SoftLayer

Cloud Design

  • Support companies in designing their cloud solutions from an architecture, technical and security perspective

  • Design of services, resources, security and networking platform

  • Design of multi-zone, multi-region solutions for high availability and business continuity

  • Design for different environments (Dev, Test, UAT and Production) with required services and availability

  • Analysis of anticipated monthly operational costs based on the design, resources and services to be implemented

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes the best environment for a workload is one that combines both public cloud, private cloud and single-tenant dedicated environments. That's why we've created a true hybrid cloud, with multi-cloud flexibility, so you can connect dedicated bare metal environments to the private and public clouds of your choice — such as AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack® and VMware.

  • Scalability

  • The public cloud’s pay-as-you-go scalability is ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic — and can reduce IT costs.  It can also be leveraged for offsite backups and offsite application/database redundancy.

  • Security

  • When you need enhanced security and ultimate control for business-critical apps and data, incorporate a private cloud.

  • Performance

  • With single-tenant dedicated servers, you get ultra-fast performance, security and reliability, on bare metal machines.

Cloud Migration Planning

  • Provide technical & project management skills to plan the migration of data centers to the cloud

  • Application requirement analysis to determine “Cloud” readiness / options

  • Includes gap analysis and recommendations for the migration of legacy applications to the cloud

Cloud Migration Implementation

  • Provide skilled and experienced resources to implement services (Firewalls/ ACLs, VPNs, NAT, Instances, Autoscaling, Database Services, Management Servers, IDS, Web App Firewalls, Centralized Syslog Collection, Backups, Email services , Schedulers, etc.)

  • Automation Implementation

  • Implementation of scripts for Release Management (Automated deployment) of the environments

Cloud Governance & Controls

  • Support companies developing and implementing cloud-based processes, procedures and policies for managing their new or existing cloud environments

Cloud Operations Center

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring of Services and Security

  • Level 2 and 3 support for engineering services (Networking, Operating System, Security, Cloud Services, etc.)

  • Leverage existing tools to easily create dashboards and reporting of metrics  suited to your business / operations