Digital has become a foundational requirement for virtually every business. Still, many business leaders look to capitalize on digital opportunities only when a specific need arises—without an overarching vision and plan. As a result, corporate digital programs frequently experience friction with enterprise-level strategic alignment. Focusing on devices and a few priority digital applications is not enough. Without planning for a long-term digital transformation, too little thought is given to how digital can enable or enhance significant business capabilities and objectives.

We offer complete end-to-end marketing solutions from creative design to digital production. We provided e-commerce development that has enabled the world’s leading brands to delight their customers. It drove superior marketing performance across full multichannel customer experience.

Application Services

The ever-present, highly competitive, global business environment forces companies to do more with less. Technology moves so fast that many mid-sized and even large companies cannot keep the same pace and feel overwhelmed.

CBT combines its experience with key partnerships and alliances to bring out the best in Enterprise Applications and deliver results for our clients.

The primary components and features we deliver within a digital strategy include:

Executive-level Digital Strategy – We define your digital strategy in alignment with the enterprise mission, vision, goals and strategic initiatives. We will further assist in evangelizing the digital strategy to ensure top-down alignment and buy-in. This digital strategy becomes a powerful guidepost for digital governance and execution across the organization.

Business Capability Enablement – Whether you want to build mobile applications, drive revenue through ecommerce, or harness new and emerging technologies, we clarify the digital channel development goals by crafting and executing from a digital capability roadmap. Using the digital strategy as the compass, we build a roadmap that is actionable, measurable and tailored to your business needs. Our capability enablement approach benefits the enterprise by:

  • Providing a comprehensive applications roadmap that demonstrates how digital will be used to “move the needle” in critical measures, on a defined timeline.

  • Identifying business results and a plan of action to achieve them, as well as supporting technology roadmaps.

  • Focusing scarce resources on high-value results rather than activities.


Legacy Modernization

Legacy mainframe and minicomputer applications and systems have always been among the most valuable technology resources running mission critical operations. Unfortunately, they are increasingly expensive to maintain and are no longer responsive to the multi-device mobility and data driven demands for business intelligence and a richer customer experience. In addition, as the experienced programmers retire, the institutional knowledge needed to run these systems is quickly disappearing.

We have completed scores of successful projects for a wide range of industries and public sector agencies.

Our experts transform your IBM, Unisys, and other mainframe applications and platforms, taking full advantage of public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud capabilities that result in a modern, robust platform that’s more scalable, efficient, and reliable. Our approach is tailored to your unique infrastructure, source code, business processes and support capabilities, and we’ll work with you to develop and implement the right mainframe migration strategy to reduce costs, increase agility, ensure compliance and significantly reduce costs.

Our experience includes:

  • Offloading mainframe app development and testing a cloud development platform or to the desktop

  • Integrating mainframe applications and data with applications on other platforms, whether on-premise or in the cloud

  • Inventorying, assessing and migrating your mainframe application portfolio to a cloud platform or distributed environment (on-premise or hosted)

  • Assessing the business value of legacy applications

  • Replacing, rewriting, migrating, and/or modernizing applications across disparate platforms and languages

  • Re-envisioning applications to develop digitally transformed business processes

  • Unisys Mainframe – With CBT’s help, you can modernize your mainframe environment and align your IT framework with your business goals

Quality Assurance

The smooth operation of your enterprise depends on the reliability of the software systems and processes that support critical business requirements. CBT implements a proven and predictable software quality assurance program that contributes to smooth system implementations, raises customer satisfaction, and reduces overall production maintenance costs.

CBT tests every aspect of front and back-end interfaces to ensure they function as designed to drive high customer satisfaction and ROI. Whether it’s a customized ERP system or an off-the shelf implementation, software quality is a critical factor in supporting product releases or enterprise-wide initiatives. CBT conducts rigorous, systematic evaluation and testing of the developed software and related processes to deliver an on-time, predictable and successful software release.

In addition to a robust software quality assurance program, CBT performs additional audit activities, including verification of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance. SOX legislation requires effective internal controls over financial reporting. CBT supports meeting these legal requirements by validating SOX Control points to ensure they are adequately evidenced, monitored and documented on an on-going basis.

CBT Quality Assurance professionals have the proven expertise in delivering both simple and complex releases for our clients by offering support with the following services:

Quality Assurance Management, including:

  • Creation of test plan, test case and test scripts

  • Creation of traceability matrices

  • Test script management

  • Test script execution

  • Program/Project management


Enterprise architecture is one of the most powerful management tools used by progressive organizations. As a perfect vehicle for making multi-year technology changes, enterprise architecture enables the ongoing alignment of business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions.

Enterprise architecture helps busy IT and business executives transform data about technology into powerful management insights. Resilient and influential, the right enterprise architecture can set the business direction and help IT stay focused on one vision of the future.

By implementing our comprehensive suite of industry-specific enterprise architecture services—tailored to support each client as needed—many organizations are able to reduce their direct information technology costs by up to 30 percent, while gaining an additional 10 to 50 percent savings from cost avoidance and risk reduction.

CBT provides:

  • Business and technology strategy advice and expertise: Enterprise architectures that support business outcomes, accelerated by our enterprise architecture methodology to minimize duplication of effort and accelerate time to value.

  • Industry-specific and standards-compliant architecture assets, tools and methodologies: Using proven end-to-end, industry-focused High Performance Business assets we can jump-start the early stages of enterprise architecture development, including business and operating model development. We accelerate change programs and position teams to realize business benefits faster.

  • Global reach: We have deep experience working on complex enterprise architecture projects for leading global organizations.

Our services include:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development.

  • Enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models


Our consultants address any questions associated with DevOps:


We will help analyze and justify the benefits that your organization will receive from introducing continuous delivery.


Performance Lab deploys and supports the instrumentation necessary for continuous integration, delivery, and testing.

A DevOps audit will provide specific information about the current state of your development, testing, and operations infrastructure, and to evaluate the expected effect of introducing the DevOps methodology.

We will analyze existing automation processes, technologies, and tools, and use this information to propose a roadmap for introducing DevOps, including specific technological solutions that account for the characteristic features of your team and software products.


Find out how we can make your application development more effective using tools for build automation, static code analysis, and unit tests.


Enjoy the benefits of automatic deployment of infrastructure and applications using the Infrastructure as Code approach.


Let us set up continuous test automation at every stage of application development and deployment.

Our DevOps engineers have skills and experience

  • Source code management tools: Git, SVN, Mercurial

  • Repository management systems: BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab

  • Continuous integration systems Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Hudson

  • Configuration and support of Linux- and Windows-based development, testing, and operations environments

  • Migration and maintenance of applications in cloud environments (AWS, Skytap, Azure)

  • Configuration of virtualization systems based on KVM, VMWare, and OpenStack technologies

  • Use of containerization technologies such as Docker and Vargant

  • Configuration management using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack

  • Experience working with Agile scrum teams

IT Outsourcing

IT costs must be clearly understood, a value must be identified, proven and tracked, and performance must be measured. If your organization is far from these guidelines, then you are probably losing business focus, decelerating your growth and unleashing a series of IT red flags including poor service levels, turnover, lack of structured IT management disciplines and difficulty controlling IT costs – just to name a few.

CBT can help by delivering cost-effective, business-aligned solutions so that your organization can overcome these challenges and focus on what you do best without growing your back office. We offer increased accountability and financial controls, with the ability for your organization to tap into our world-class resources and technologies to better manage your IT infrastructure and investments.

Capacity Services

Your IT infrastructure should work hard for you, not the other way around.

In the agile organization IT infrastructure resources must efficiently align and support the entire business in a fast, scalable and flexible way. If your IT infrastructure is not optimized to meet these demands, your investment may be costing you.

CBT Data Center Services are designed with the following key features so our clients can quickly respond to ever-changing stakeholder and customer demands and focus on their core competencies.

  • Advanced data center operations management practices – Continuous improvement of operating practices

  • Customizable flexible packages – Pay only for what is needed through CBT “pay per device” pricing model leveraging US-based and nearshore capabilities

  • Enhance availability and reduce risk – Guaranteed uptime to restore operations quickly minimizing business impact for IT Mission Critical systems

  • 24x7x365 rapid response – Personalized response anytime, anywhere, 24x7x365

  • Multiple contact channels – Ability to request help desk support via phone, e-mail or a Self Service Management Portal

  • Effective return on your IT investment – Maximize IT investment through cost-efficiency, improved productivity, and alignment to business needs

  • Business continuity enhancement – Best-in-class operational processes, leading security and data protection capabilities

  • Industry standards and regulations compliance – Ability to run operations through structured processes and procedures

  • Increase responsiveness and scalability – Selection and configuration of the most appropriate cloud infrastructure (IaaS) to meet and rapidly adapt to new business demands.

CBT Data Center

CBT Data Center Management offerings:​​​​​​​

  • NOC-Monitoring Services

  • Security Management

  • Server Management

  • Storage Management

  • Network Management

Other CBT Data Center services include:

  • Data Center Modernization Services: brings together a suite of workshops, assessments, and project-based activities to help improve your data center infrastructure environment and lay the foundation for cloud computing

  • Business Continuity Services: protects and minimizes disruptions to IT infrastructure, data, and users that are caused by outages, hardware failure, disasters, and other unforeseen events 24x7x365

  • Enterprise Cloud Services: provides evaluation, selection and ongoing management and infrastructure lifecycle services for IaaS, SaaS and PaaS cloud solutions with our domestic and near shore, experienced professionals and operational best practice

  • Backup and Restore Services: offers information-centric, managed backup and restore protection services designed for the full spectrum 

IT That Works For You!