What is Coastal Business Technologies LABS?

We are always innovating and looking for new solutions to everyday technical and business challenges you might be facing. CBT LABS is our commitment to sharing those ideas with you. They transform into services you can leverage in your organization. Think of it as a software-as-a-service model, and so much more!  We integrate the products and services we develop into your business, and encourage all feedback and ideas you might have to serve you better.

Our latest CBT Labs innovation, launched in April 2017, is Simple Content Display Services.

What is Simple Content Display Services?

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Can you edit the content on your website??

Does your website not use a content management solution like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla as its been too costly to convert your website to these technologies?

If you can't edit your website easily or it does not have a content management solution in place, Simple Content Display Service is the perfect solution for your website and you!

Simple Content Display Services is a plugin solution to ANY existing website that allows for editable sections of content to be place on your website with ease.

We provide the solution (content plugin and editing tools) and you provide the content/media.  You can update your website as often as you would like!  

To see a demo of our content plugin technology, click here.

Simple Content Display Services is a low-cost option to plugin the ability of content editing into your website without the cost of a conversion to a complete content management solution.  Typical website conversions to technologies can cost thousands of dollars, Simple Content Display Services costs just $254.99 per year (if a yearly subscription is choosen).

Please visit our Simple Content Display Service offering!

For more information, please email us at: info@simplecontentservice.com

Other Innovations in Queue:

Cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (AWS, Rack Space, Azure, etc.) are all major providers of Cloud Computing and we at CBT believe that you can obtain a lot of value from your cloud through automation.  Automation should be seen as an opportunity to create a repeatable, re-useable blueprint for your on-demand IT infrastructure while still retaining all of thenecessary components of security, scalability, redundancy and backups.  We are working on automation tooling that we hope to introduce to the market later in 2017. 

If you are interested in Automated Infrastructure, please email us at cbtlabs-automation@coastalbt.com for more information or to get involved in the CBT Labs community.