Town of Farmington, CT

April 2017

As I prepare for our busy voting year, I can't help but applaud the wonderful services provided by Coastal Business Technologies and their Voter CheckList product.  This program, and its software, allows me to have an easy, efficient, and cost effective check-in line on laptops at my polling places.  Voters of Farmington, as well as my poll workers, are happy to see new ideas and equipment added to the and security of their voting day experience.  The end of night calculation process leaves human error behind, and allows me to upload my "Who Voted" list directly into CVRS (CT State Voter Registration System)  in seconds instead of the hours of data entry I used to do.  Who would not want to eliminate that chore?

Please understand that without Todd and Christine, and their company's commitment to provide outstanding service, this could be a letter with different content.  I am sharing with you my support and endorsement of the Voter CheckList product and Coastal Business Technologies, the company that built it.  The product and vendor relationship we have are an asset to our office that I would not want to give up.

With regard,

Barbara Brenneman

Registrar of Voters