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IT That Works For You!

We work with our clients across every industry to develop effective technology strategies to realize the full potential of their IT investments. Our business technology practice helps you think about, and implement this powerful tool to achieve your strategic business objectives.

Our capabilities extend beyond the typical consultancy. We leverage our management consulting practice, business experience, and industry expertise to create unexpected opportunities for you. Because we are consultants with an independent point of view we can create and offer solutions unfettered by third-party alliances.

We leverage our business acumen to help you, our client. Our interests are yours.


We deliver business transformation, performance improvement, supply chain management, shared services and other specialized consulting services to organizations seeking to optimize operations, accelerate growth and deliver results through decisive action.


We can deliver cost-effective, business-aligned solutions so that your organization can overcome these challenges and focus on what you do best without growing your back office. We offer increased accountability and financial controls, with the ability for your organization to tap into our world-class resources and technologies to better manage your IT infrastructure and investments.


We help clients with pre-acquisition thinking, and develop new practice and specialization areas—all with a focus of capitalizing on innovation and disruption opportunities. We test and appropriately embrace cutting-edge thinking and technologies and develop innovative solutions.


An innovative, secure electronic pollbook that can be used for your Town's Referendums, Municipal Elections, State Primaries, State Elections and Presidential Elections.


Cloud computing has transformed the business landscape with a much greater impact than most previous technological revolutions.​​​​​​​  We can guide you through the technology options and decisions that your business can make to help you leverage the cloud in your day-to-day operations.​​​​​​​


Balancing business policy, process, people and technology.

Identify the needs of your business to create practical and effective strategies and execution plans that build growth opportunities and strengthen prosperity. Measured by improving bottom lines, CBT is focused on implementing effective strategies that have impact and generate results. 


CBT consults and leads organizational and business process transformation to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve resilience.

CBT Digital

We offer complete end-to-end marketing solutions from creative design to digital production.


As with any business, it’s too easy to stay at the same place when you have working technology, but technology is constantly changing and it doesn’t mean you have to adopt every new thing you see.  We partner with you, get to know your business and we can keep you up to date on those areas of technology that could impact or help your grow your business!​​​​​​​


CBT provides a comprehensive offering of security solutions to enable your organization to design, deploy and manage your IT security needs.

CBT Labs

Our 20+ year experience in Application and Infrastructure Development/Integration/Support has allowed us the unique ability to work with the entire technology stack from the infrastructure to the application to the end user using an application.  Our goal in CBT Labs is to support the Development Community at large but providing cutting edge tooling/scripting in automating cloud infrastructure creation, management and operations.


CBT Data Center Services are designed to help our clients quickly respond to ever-changing stakeholder and customer demands


Here at CBT, with our 20+ years of infrastructure design, management, deployment and operations experience.  We can help you manage your existing infrastructure on a day-to-day basis, perform audits to ensure backup solutions/compliance is being met and also help you grow your existing system through design, development, deployment and maintenance.​​​​​​​ CBT Data Center Services are designed to help our clients quickly respond to ever-changing stakeholder and customer demands


CBT has been in the application development and integration business for 20+ years and we bring our industry design and development expertise to your business to help bring out the best in your existing applications and any new applications you been need to integrate or development.​​​​​​​


CBT can help deliver cost-effective, business-aligned solutions working with your team and we can also add our experts into your projects as you see fit if you need additional resources/help.​​​​​​​